Want a romantic time in Britain? Well then, why not visit these places. For sure, your time in Britain with your love one will be full of romance all over.

Britain is home to a wealth of locations offering romantic and evocative scenery and/or history for those couples looking to spend quality time together, or perhaps reignite a relationship in the right surroundings. These are the best locations in Britain for couples to spend time together in.

Five of the Most Romantic Places in Britain

Lake District

The Lake District in England is noted for the beauty of its scenery, but it is probably best to avoid the most well worn routes and areas, as these will be heavily populated with tourists and traffic. There are a large number of other, relatively undiscovered parts, which will make better locations for romantic breaks – for example the Winster Valley.

Five of the Most Romantic Places in Britain

Scottish Highlands

One of the most beautiful parts of the UK, blessed with absolutely stunning scenery, thereby providing the perfect backdrop for romance. Furthermore, the highlands of Scotland are remote enough to take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life.

Five of the Most Romantic Places in Britain

The Peak District

This area is again perfect for romantic stays, featuring an abundance of lovely villages, historic buildings and dark, moody caverns, which provide a variety of different romantic mood settings. The mountain that looms above and the ruined castle further enhance the atmospheric qualities of the area.

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

This part of Northern Ireland is one of the most popular tourist places amongst those seeking a quiet, beautiful spot for a getaway. It is the sole UNESCO World Heritage area in Northern Ireland and possesses romantic, mythical qualities thanks to its coast with the strange, carefully aligned columns of stone along it. The area provides a perfect setting for dreamy cliff top walking complete with some of the loveliest scenery in the whole of Europe.

Five of the Most Romantic Places in Britain


This beautiful picturesque fishing village, situated in South east Cornwall, provides the kind of views straight out of a Turner painting, along with narrow winding roads and old cottages that will make any couple visiting feel as if they have left the stresses of the modern world and stepped back in time.

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