In recent years, Budapest is often regarded as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. It is no surprise that this city by the Danube is also a popular destination for couples.

From the majestic castles to thermal baths, here are some of the best romantic things to do in Budapest, Hungary.

10 Most Romantic Things To Do In Budapest, Hungary

romantic things to do in budapest
Image by Ansgar Scheffold from Pixabay

1. Explore the Buda Castle District with your partner

Buda Castle District

Hold hands with your partner and try not to get lost in the fascinating tale of kings and queens at the Buda Castle district.

Easily one of the best attractions in the city, the Castle District contains some of the best attractions in Budapest.

If you’re pressed for time and want to see as much of the city as possible, join a walking tour that will take you and your partner through the Castle District’s cobbled streets and some of its top attractions such as Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church and The Royal Palace.

You will also find some interesting museums here such as The Castle Museum, as well as quaint cafes and restaurants.

To reach this area, take the funicular which is also a fun experience for couples in Budapest. The ride from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to the top is quite a treat.

2. Watch the sunrise or sunset from the top of Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill 

Home to one of the city’s thermal baths, Gellert Hill is one of the most romantic places in Budapest. Set out early or climb up here in the late afternoon.

Catching the sunrise or sunset from Gellert Hill is just one of the most romantic things to do in Budapest. The sight of the sun rising or setting reflected in the Danube below is breathtaking.

The hike up here only takes around 20 minutes and there are no entrance fees.

3. Stroll together through the scenic Martgitsziget (Margaret Island)

Margaret Island

Located in the Danube River, Margaret Island or Martgitsziget is often called a hidden gem. It doesn’t get too crowded here making it an ideal quick getaway for couples.

The area is perfect for picnics, quiet strolls or simply sitting on the grass or a bench, taking in the scenery and being with that special someone.

The calm and peaceful island is the ideal place for artists as well as a favorite among couples who want to escape a bit from the hustle in the city center.

4. Climb up the Fisherman’s Bastion for the best views of the city

Fisherman's Bastion

This activity may be touristy but it remains to be one of the most romantic things to do in Budapest.

The views from the Castle Hill are beautiful enough, but seeing the Hungarian capital from the enchanting Fisherman’s Bastion is even better.

This part offers the best views of the Parliament building, the Chain Bridge, and even the Danube. You can see the city below from one of the balconies.

If you and your partner are up for something more thrilling, climb up the tower and share a kiss in between taking in the scenery below.

5. Attend a classical music concert in a church

Matthias Church

One of the most fun and enthralling date ideas in Budapest for couples involves a church and an orchestra - and lots of beautiful music.

Attending a classical music concert is also an ideal way to see the interiors of some of the most beautiful churches in the city. These delightful concerts are often held in Saint Stephen’s Basilica and Matthias Church, so check the schedule in advance.

6. Savor the sweetness at the Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Muzeum

Looking for literally sweet date ideas in Budapest for couples? Head towards the Chocolate Muzeum (Chocolate Museum) and learn more about the history and art of making Hungarian chocolate.

Sample some set treats during the tour and even design your own chocolate bar as a souvenir. The tour also includes tea and cookies at the romantic Rakoczi Knighthall.

This place is not within the city center so book in advance to secure a slot and a memorable visit with your partner.

7. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Onyx, Budapest

Onyx budapest

Make at least one night in Budapest extra special by treating your loved one to a Michelin starred restaurant. Budapest has plenty of restaurants that serve not just great food but a romantic atmosphere as well.

One of these is the fabulous Onyx Restaurant, with its elegant interiors that set the mood for a memorable evening. This restaurant serves excellent Hungarian food from starters to dessert.

Previous guests raved about the food, the well trained and friendly staff, and the unpretentious vibe despite being a popular and multi-awarded restaurant.

An evening at Onyx is definitely one of the best things to do for couples in Budapest.

8. Explore the romantic city of Budapest at night

chain bridge and royal palace at night

Budapest at sundown is a must-see, as the city lights up and becomes even more alive. Don’t go back to the hotel yet because seeing more of this Hungarian capital is one of the best things for couples to do.

Comprised of the higher side of Buda and the lower Pest, these parts of the city are connected by the Chain Bridge. Under this iconic is the Danube River.

Start of the Pest area by strolling along the Danube Promenade when the sun sets and the evening starts.

Cross the Chain Bridge where there’s a splendid view of the lit up the Parliament Building. Take in the sights, sounds, and experience of seeing this beautiful city at night.

9. Relax in the evening cruise of the Danube

danube river cruise
Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

The higher and lower sides of Budapest are separated by the Danube River. An evening cruise through this famous body of water is one of the best things to do for couples in Budapest.

See the city’s impressive architecture from the water - castles, fortresses, grand houses, and even monuments.

At sundown, the city lights up, making it even more fun places to explore for couples looking to get to know the city more through its architecture. Most cruises come with appetizers and wine and its worthwhile date night idea.

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10. Indulge at the Thermal Baths together

Thermal Baths budapest

After hours of exploring the city, you and your partner must be itching to go back to the hotel to rest. Make your downtime more special by heading towards one of the thermal baths spread all over Budapest.

Soak in one of these baths to soothe your tired muscles and calm your senses. This indulgence is one of the things to do in Budapest for couples that’s a definite must experience.

Most of these bathhouses back to the time of the Turkish occupation. Spend an afternoon or evening here and enjoy pools of varying temperatures, steam rooms for massages, and saunas.

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11. Book a romantic stay at the Aria Hotel


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There are many beautiful hotels in Budapest that fit every budget preference, and there are those that cater to couples that are just worth splurging on.

Aria Hotel is often regarded as one of the best hotels in Budapest, and staying here even for a night makes for a memorable thing to do for couples.

The rooms are cozy yet stylish, the staff are friendly and helpful and they have some great food, too.

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