Europe is undeniably one of the most romantic places on earth. Many of the romantic cities known all over the world are found here. Rome, Paris, and Venice are just a few of the places in Europe that are full of romance and love.

Nonetheless, going all over Europe to experience the most romantic experience of your lifetime would really be impractical (and expensive). So, we present to you a top 10 list of the most romantic cities in Europe that couples will surely enjoy.

For so many of us, the entire European continent is synonymous with romance. The rich history and impressive architecture in addition to the legendary culinary culture make Europe a favorite travel destination for lovers and honeymooners; here are ten of the most romantic places in the European map.

11 Most Romantic Cities In Europe For Couples

1. Venice, Italy

gondola ride in grand canal venice italy

The first thing that comes to mind for most people at the mention of Venice is an enchanting gondola ride through the canals. The Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs are often counted among the most romantic spots in the world, so be sure not to miss them.

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2. Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe

Nothing says “I love you” like a weekend in Paris.

The City of Lights is a go-to setting for romantic film and literature; iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre have been the backdrop for many a breathtaking scene.

Can’t-miss opportunity: the sunset through the Arc de Triomphe.

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3. Santorini, Greece

sunset at Oia

The slow pace and appreciation for the finer things in life make a trip to the Greek Islands an unforgettable experience.

Shops and homes that cling to the volcanic cliffs of Santorini are an awe-inspiring sight, while the black sand beaches and ancient villages provide excellent relaxation and cultural enrichment opportunities.

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4. Prague, Czech Republic


Soaring Gothic architecture, winding cobblestone paths, and castle walking tours all come together to create a picturesque setting in Prague. While the local vineyards and restaurants provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Boat tours through the city often include libations and live accordion music, with visitors urged to kiss under the bridges.

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5. Ibiza, Spain


For the swanky set, few cities are as exciting and amorous as Ibiza. Internationally renowned for a booming nightlife and high-end dining, a glamorous stay in this Spanish city is sure to impress even the most seasoned travelers.

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6. Berlin, Germany

Image by jiriposival0 from Pixabay

One of the forerunners for trendsetting in underground art and music scenes as well as a city rich with history and culture, Berlin has something to fit the needs of any traveling couple.

The incredible creative energy and tolerant attitude of Berliners makes it an ideal spot for lovebirds of the artsy persuasion.

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7. Rome, Italy

trevi fountain
Trevi Fountain

The heart of Italy practically pulses with romance; from the legendary lovers’ destination of Trevi Fountain to the glory of St. Peter’s Basilica, the options are almost endless.

Lingering over a glass of Italian wine at a sidewalk cafe is sure to lead to starry-eyed murmurings and promises of eternal love in the Eternal City.

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8. Lisbon, Portugal


For those who like their romance with a twist of tragedy, a visit to the Quinta das Lagrimas just outside of Lisbon isn’t to be missed.

The legend of star-crossed lovers Prince Pedro and Ines de Castro permeates the gorgeous setting; strolling through the lush gardens only adds to the air of desperate adoration.

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9. Budapest, Hungary

Image by Ansgar Scheffold from Pixabay

This Hungarian city on the banks of the Danube has experienced a revival in the last two decades, making it a favorite new arrival to the romantic-getaway table.

Pedal carriage tours of the jaw-dropping architecture and the famous thermal baths of Szechenyi are just two of the incredible experiences that Budapest has to offer.

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10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

There’s a reason that so many romance novels are set in Scotland; few places on the planet can compete with the alluring mystery and romantic past of the Highlands.

Touring Edinburgh Castle and making the short trek to the many scenic villages makes for a romantic vacation steeped in history.

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11. Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona in Spain is one of the most romantic places in Europe and it offers several things to do for couples. 

Like Paris and Venice, it is also one of the best stops in Europe if you are looking for romance.

Barcelona is a humble city in the heart of Spain. It is the center and the capital for the Catalonia region and mostly known for its amazing architecture and art scene. 

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Whether you’re celebrating a new marriage, the anniversary of an established one or simply planning a romantic trip for two, there’s something for every taste in Europe. With a bit of research, you can plan an entire itinerary from the comfort of your home office to experience these romantic cities in Europe.


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