When it comes to dreamy and romantic European cities, Prague tops the list. There’s just something beautiful to see everywhere - from structures that look straight out of the storybooks to quaint little pubs and fascinating neighborhoods.

Couples on honeymoon or a romantic weekend getaway will find that Prague radiates romance as soon as they step on its cobbled streets. If you and your partner are heading this way soon, check out these exciting and most romantic things to do in Prague, Czech Republic.

10 Romantic Things To Do In Prague, Czech Republic


1. Explore the Prague Castle with your partner

Prague Castle

At the heart of the fairytale city of Prague is its massive castle complex. As the largest of its kind in the world, the complex serves as the president of the Czech Republic as well as a major tourist site.

Despite being a tourist magnet though, exploring this place remains to be the top thing to do in Prague for couples.

Join a walking tour with your partner and admire the Prague castle’s exquisite architecture. You can’t possibly miss the romance in every part of the Prague Castle complex, as there’s beauty, art, and love in every detail.

Hold hands as you walk along the Golden Lane, or share a kiss when you take photos with the St. Vitus Cathedral or Basilica of St. George in the background.

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2. Wander around the Old Town

romantic old town of prague

There’s nothing more romantic than exploring a new city with someone you love. In Prague, there’s just a lot to see and explore.

If you can’t get enough of the structures in the castle complex, there’s more waiting in the Old Town Square.

A lovely place to visit any time of the day, this area is one of the most romantic spots in Prague.

Imagine finding yourselves surrounded by historic buildings and monuments from different eras, in various architectural styles. It is like being stuck in a classic tale with you and your partner as the lead characters.

Set out early and visit the Old Town Square to watch the city wake up - the scenery is bound to be unforgettable.

3. Join a Vitava River Cruise

Vitava River Cruise

One cannot be in a city with a river that runs through it and not go on a cruise. In the Czech Capital, one of the best things to do for couples who visit is joining a Vltava River Cruise.

The views of the Prague Castle from the river is quite memorable, and easily among the many highlights of the cruise.

The tours run throughout the day and you can choose one that offers a scenic tour of the city or one that comes with a meal. Cruising the Vltava River is also a more exciting evening activity as you get to see a lit up Prague.

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4. Kiss in front of the Karel Hynek Macha Statue

Karel Hynek Macha Statue

Karel Hynek Macha is known to be the Czech Republic’s ‘poet of love’. His works are required reading for Cezch school children. He is so beloved and revered that a statue was built in his honor at the beautiful Petrin Hill.

The hill isn’t just known for its pretty gardens and panoramic city views - it is also where couples seem to have adapted a romantic tradition right in front of Karel Hynek Macha’s statue.

If you’re looking for romantic things to do for couples, a kiss in front of the city’s ‘poet of love’ is a fun excuse to get that close in public.

Don’t worry, it has become such a normal sight in Petrin Hill and not even Karel himself will judge you.

5. Savor chocolates together


When you mention Prague to travelers, they’d most likely remember its exquisite architecture and great beer.

For couples, however, one of the most romantic things to do in Prague is to visit a chocolate shop and share this sweet treat.

There are several chocolate shops in the city but most suggest visiting one in the Old Town - a place called “Viva Praha”. They have some of the finest chocolates from all over Europe as well as gelato and waffles.

This shop makes for an ideal stop in between exploring the city or a place to enjoy some desserts after a meal.

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6. Wander around Mala Strana

Mala Strana

Located across the river from the Old Town, the beautiful district of Mala Strana is another must-visit in Prague. A relaxing stroll around the area is also among the most fun things to do in Prague for couples as there are many things to see and discover from here.

From cobblestones alleys, medieval churches, secluded gardens’ pretty squares, and other cultural sights - Mala Strana makes for a lovely morning or afternoon date.

The area is also where you can shop for beautiful Czech glassworks, ornaments, and jewelry as souvenirs.

7. Take a Segway Tour of Prague

segway tour in old town prague

There are lots of walking tours that couples can join in when in Prague but how about exploring the city on a Segway?

Rent a pair with your partner and breeze through cobbled squares, exciting neighborhoods, and winding alleyways.

Aside from a unique perspective of Prague’s fairytale-like architecture, you and your loved one will stumble upon cute shops, quaint cafes, and relaxing taverns where you can stop for a beer or a hearty meal. This is one of those cute date ideas for couples in Prague that’s a must-try.

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8. Have a coffee or tea at the Cukrarna Alcymista Garden

If you’re looking for a fun date idea for couples in Prague - how about a breakfast, brunch, or afternoon tea date?

Savor the yummy drinks, cakes, and hearty treats served at Cukrarna Alchymista, a fabulous cafe and patisserie. It has a beautiful backyard garden that’s perfect for spending time bonding and talking over a meal.

Those who have been here having described it as enchanting - with its sea of flowers, a pond, and even a resident black cat. The quaint interiors are cozy and stylish, and Cukrarna Alchysma is known to serve good coffee as well as delicious baked goodies.

9. Watch the sunset from Charles Bridge

charles bridge

The romance of sunsets will never go out of style, and any place in the world is an opportunity to watch it from a different perspective. One of the best activities for couples is to see the sunset at the iconic Charles Bridge.

This Gothic structure is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Prague and is an even more stunning sight at sunset.

A walk along Charles Bridge at any time of the day is a must for couples, as it provides a scenic backdrop for photos.

10. Book a room at Golden Well (U Zlate Studne)

Golden Well

Prague doesn’t seem to run out of romantic things to do for couples, and one of them is staying at a cozy hotel. There are many hotels in the city that cater to couples but very few are as highly rated as Golden Well (U Zlate Studne).

Often described as one of Prague’s most luxurious and most romantic hotels, it boasts of facilities, amenities, and treats for couples whether on a honeymoon or a romantic quick getaway.

With its spacious rooms that are homey and comfortable, lovely views of the city - the Golden Well is an ideal choice.

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