Africa is often called the place for unconventional honeymoons. From deserts to vast wildlife reserves, newlywed couples are treated to unforgettable adventures and fun bonding moments as they start their life together.

Africa is definitely more than wild safaris and road trips through the desert. there are also charming port cities, pyramids, stunning beaches, and enchanting nature getaways.

For couples who would love a one of a kind post-wedding holiday, here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa.

10 Stunning Honeymoon Destinations In Africa

1. Laikipia Plateau, Kenya


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For newlyweds looking for honeymoon destinations in Africa that’s beautifully secluded, Laikipia Plateau is worth serious consideration.

Located in Central Kenya, the vast area spans 9,500 square kilometers.

Laikipia Plateau is known for its stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, ranches, view of Mt. Kenya, and beautiful evening skies.

There are not too many properties here so your honeymoon will feel like you’re the only people in the world.

Go horseback-riding with your partner through the game-filled plains, or watch zebras galloping through the fields.

As the day ends, unwind in a bath like the one in Ol Malo Lodge, which has views of the great African rift valley.

In the evening, try gazing at stars in the wilderness, a unique experience offered by Loisaba Starbeds.

2. Lake Malawi, Tanzania


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The great lake in Tanzania, Lake Malawi is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Africa for many reasons.

Foremost is its location in the southernmost tip of East Africa, which is secluded yet accessible.

Then there’s the refreshing climate, the stunning scenery, and the fresh waters that make up most of the area.

The result is an intimate and relaxing setting that’s ideal for couples who are just starting their life together.

Lake Malawi also has many cozy accommodations situated in areas that make it easy to enjoy activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, quiet strolls, and taking in fantastic views.

3. Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique


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Mozambique, may not be often mentioned as a romantic place to visit but it does have a lot to offer that makes it one of the emerging honeymoon destinations in Africa.

Located by the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is the must-visit for couples looking for that perfect beach getaway.

A must are some particularly breathtaking and secluded areas such as the Quirimbas Archipelago, which are 34 islands off the northern coast of Mozambique, in the Indian Ocean. These islands are accessed by ferry or private plane.

Aside from stretches of pristine beaches, couples can snorkel and see the area’s stunning coral reefs, and enjoy fishing too.

4. Cape Winelands in South Africa

Cape Winelands

Acres upon acres of lush vineyards, stunning Cape Dutch manor houses, pretty gardens- these are just some of what makes the idyllic Cape Winelands region one of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa.

A departure from nature reserves, wildlife hubs, and deserts, the lush green valleys, and historic farms in Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl towns in Cape Winelands provide a romantic setting for a honeymoon.

In between relaxing in their hotel room, couples can visit vineyards, wineries and even get a closer look at the cellars.

For a taste of South Africa city, couples can easily take a day trip to Cape Town for more estates, good food, beach stroll, or a hike (or cable can ride) up Table Mountain.

5. Gambia

The small country of Gambia is the best known for its diverse ecosystem, abundant wildlife, and as one of the best places to go birdwatching.

It does seem like it is just another of those honeymoon destinations in Africa that caters to the more adventurous couples.

However, this small country in West Africa has stretches of golden sand beaches, dreamy hotels, and delicious foods that attracts couples looking for a different place their honeymoon.

Since the country is small, honeymooners can easily pair their beach vocation with visits to some of the country’s nature reserves, a hike through the Kiang West National Park, or shopping in Albert market.

The Gambia may be small, but it offers a good mix of adventure and relaxation for couples spending quality time together.

6. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech bahia palace

There’s just so much to see in do in Marrakech that makes it one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Africa.

Ideal for couples who love cities with rich cultures, Marrakech has so much to offer.

Explore majestic places, walk along ancient city walls, browse colorful markets, and enjoy the delicious food.

Couples can also go on camel rides or trek through the desert, then pamper themselves in a luxurious spa as the day ends.

The accommodations in Marrakech are cozy, stylish, and romantic, which adds to the charm of this Moroccan city.

Intriguing and seductive, Marrakech is a must for couples who prefer a unique honeymoon, that’s within driving distance to the Sahara desert.

7. Obudu Plateau, Nigeria

Obudu Plateau

Honeymooners looking for a peaceful mountain retreat will surely love the Nigerian countryside.

Head towards the Obudu Plateau in the south, known for its cool weather and the only place in Nigeria where it snows.

Spend time in a cattle ranch, stay in a mountain resort, cross rivers, and visit the stunning Cataract waterfall.

At about 1,600 meters above sea level, this are is the best dor couples who want a secluded romantic retreat.

Still, Obudu has the convenience of amenities such as gyms and spas that makes it a great honeymoon destination.

8. Seychelles Island

Anse Cocos La Digue

Located along the Nothern borders of Madagascar, Seychelles is a true island paradise.

This is a must-visit for couples looking for a honeymoon destination in Africa that’s situated in islands.

Walk along the pristine coastline with your significant other, swim through crystalline waters, snorkel to see coral gardens, or even engage in some fun adventure sports.

Honeymoon in Seychelles promises to be both fun and romantic.

As each day end, Seychelles is also one of the best places for watching breathtaking sunsets.

9. Douz, Tunisia


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Ever thought about spending a honeymoon in the desert? Douz in Tunisia is one of those unique honeymoon destinations in Africa that couples will never forget.

Often called the ‘Gateway to the Sahara’ Douz is also known as the ideal base for excursions to the Jebel National Park and for tips to the Sahara. Douz has its own charm, though, with its beautiful accommodations that include luxury desert tents.

The place looks like a setting straight out of Arabian Nights, with the desert scenery and starry skies at nighttime.

10. Zambia

zambia victoria falls

With its rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, Zambia is the ideal honeymoon destination in Africa for the more adventurous couples.

Often regarded as the ‘real Africa’ Zambia offers more than its own brand of safari adventure for honeymooners.

Along with watching lions and leopards, honeymooners can also enjoy hikes through the Lower Zambezi or luxury accommodations near the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Newlywed couples can also experience a thrilling stroll in the South Luangwa National Park and get up close to wild animals.

There are also treehouse accommodations by the Zambesi riverfront, where couples can enjoy dinner in their private deck and wake up to chirping and chortling in the morning.

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