The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a romantic hotspot for couples on a honeymoon or weekend getaway. Like Rome, it also one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The stunning views and location mean there’s plenty of romantic things to do in Positano that couples can try out.

From hiking a scenic path, to romantic dinners or watching one of the prettiest sunsets you’ll ever see - Positano has something to keep you busy during your trip.

10 Romantic Things To Do In Positano, Italy

positano sunset one of the romantic things to do

1. Relax together on the beach

Fornillo Beach, Positano

Located right by the Mediterranean, Positano is accessible to beaches whenever you and your partner feel like soaking up the sun or taking a swim.

Rent a sunbed or pack a picnic, the beaches in Positano are ideal for spending quality time with your loved one.

This one of those easy date ideas in Positano for couples where you and your partner can just relax and take in the scenery.

2. Take a romantic sunset boat ride in Positano

positano from the ocean

The Amalfi coastline is one of the most beautiful sights ever especially at sunset and you are seeing it from the water.

Taking a late afternoon cruise to see this beauty is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Positano.

From the water, you and your loved one can enjoy how the village’s pastel-colored buildings, the Faraglioni rocks, the Li Galli Islands, and the rugged Monti Lattari mountain range light up as day turns to night. It is such a magical sight that’s not to be missed.

3. Stroll along Spiaggia Grande in the evening


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The Spiaggia Grande is the main beach area in Positano, an iconic sight whether you’re seeing it from your hotel’s terrace or from the water during a cruise.

It is a lovely place to visit during the day but it’s even more beautiful at night. An evening strolls along Spiaggia Grande is one of the best things to do in Positano for couples, because it is quiet and intimate.

The lit-up village behind, plus the moon and the stars and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks make the atmosphere even more romantic.

4. Find a secret spot in Positano


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Winding through its many colorful houses and buildings, the passageways in Positano are a fun place to explore. Ditch the map and just walk hand in hand with your partner as you’re in for a fun morning or afternoon as you discover more of this Amalfi Coast village.

How about a cute shop, or a cafe tucked in a corner?

There are also secret spots waiting to be discovered, one that has a unique view of the village and the coast, especially at night. Finding one during this stroll around the village makes your Positano romantic getaway a truly memorable one.

5. Hike The Path of the Gods

paths of god

The Path of the Gods is the most popular hike in Positano, a village that is strategically located around the huge mountains. The hiking path takes travelers to all the mountains, through a scenic trail with views of Positano and the coast.

This is definitely one of those unforgettable date ideas for couples in Positano and a must-do during your romantic vacation. The entire hike takes a few hours so it’s best to pack water, snacks, and extra batteries for the camera.

6. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Ristorante Terraza Cele


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A holiday in charming Positano is not complete without going on a romantic dinner date enjoying some of the sumptuous and authentic Italian meals.

Ristorante Terraza Cele offsets not just great food and a romantic setting, it also has a terrace overlooking the city. It is definitely a fine dining location and one of the best things to do in Positano for couples.

Ristorante Terraza Cele serves traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist, best paired with regional wine such as the red Aglianico or white Greco and Fiano.

7. Stay at a romantic Positano Hotel


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Positano is quite an expensive city when it comes to accommodations so it is important to plan your trip ahead to score great deals.

You and your partner deserve a beautiful and romantic place to stay in this Amalfi Coast village without breaking the bank.

One of those Positano hotels to consider is Villa Franca, a charming retreat set on.

Check for the latest rates here. 

8. Cruise the Amalfi Coastline on Vespa

The Vespa is the classic Italian mode of transportation and it’s a perfect fit for small coastal villages like Positano.

Cruising the scenic coast on a Vespa is one of the exciting things to do in Positano for couples.

A great alternative to walking, a Vespa can easily navigate the winding cliffside roads, giving you and your partner the best views of the area.

Get a map and follow the curves of the coastline along with Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, where you’ll have breathtaking views of the sea on one side and the charming villages on the other side.

Vespas are small and easy to maneuver, and definitely lets you and your loved one stay close as you explore these villages by the Mediterranean.

9. Get a matching leather footwear

positano footware

Apart from the romance of its location and the stunning scenery, Positano is also famous for its go-to souvenir: handmade footwear. One of the cutest things to do for couples in Positano is to get some of this much-raved footwear.

There are many shops in Positano that you can visit for these custom-made shoes.

Choose one that carries the style that suits your taste, Cobblers will get your and your partner’s sizes, from the soles to the straps. You can even watch as they make your shoes or sandals.

They are made of genuine leather so you and your partner are assured of good quality, comfort, and stylish matching shoes to remember your trip by.

10. Go on a day trip

Capri Island

When in Positano with your partner, you simply won’t be able to get enough of the area that you’d want to see more.

Plan a day trip with your loved one to explore what the region has to offer.

Among the best things to do for couples in Positano is to either hop on a boat to visit the beautiful blue island of Capri, for its scenic rugged landscapes, blue grottos, and limoncello.

Another option is to hire a car service to see Naples for its culture, scenery, and great food. Plan your trip ahead to avoid any hassle and make the most of this experience.

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