Ireland is surely one of the world’s most romantic places on earth. With its small lovely villages, historical castles, and amazing landscapes, there are lots of options for romantic things to do in Ireland.

Ireland, the country of saints and scholars, is known for its green lush countryside, ancient history, and ‘craic’ (fun) at the local pub, but it’s also filled with romance from small boutique hotels in the middle of Ireland’s idyllic scenery to the spectacular great outdoors.

Anyone can buy a box of chocolates or go on a date to your favorite local restaurant but bring your loved one to any of these spots and they will be more than impressed.

If you are looking for a scenic and romantic spots in Ireland, then we can surely help you with that. Check these best romantic things to do in Ireland for couples.

10 Most Romantic Things To Do In Ireland

cliffs of moher one of the romantic things to do in ireland

1. Book a castle hotel in Ireland for a romantic stay


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One thousand acres of ancient woodland and glittering lakes, Castle Leslie is a fabulous castle hotel in Monaghan where you can experience to live like a king or queen.

This is a family-run regal sanctuary where the Leslie family has lived since the 1660s where they entertain politicians, ambassadors, and stars.

Spend the morning horseback riding or pampering yourselves in the Victorian spa in preparation for the gala ball. There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a castle hotel in Ireland with your partner.

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2. Explore the romantic village of Kinsale

romantic town of Kinsale, Ireland
The romantic town of Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale is indisputably one of the most picturesque little villages in Ireland.  Just 15.5 miles outside Cork City, the village sits on the mouth of the River Bandon and near the Old Head of Kinsale.

Not only is the village filled with colorful buildings, but it also has a wealth of excellent restaurants and intimate pubs where you and your partner can enjoy your evenings.

It is an ideal place to spend a relaxing couple of days or if you like you’ll also find a great lively nightlife with traditional music sessions, dancing, and theater.

3. Visit Saint Valentine - The Patron Saint of lovers

Saint Valentine

Well, it doesn’t get more romantic than this! Nestled in the center of Dublin City, in the Liberties area are the real-life remains of none other than Saint Valentine.

What could be better than bringing your loved one to visit the patron saint of lovers?

His remains were previously in the cemetery of Saint Hippolytus in Rome, but they were gifted to Dublin in the 19th century by Pope Gregory XVI.

This Church has long been a pilgrimage location for those seeking love, celebrating love, and indeed cursing love.

4. Buy your partner a Claddagh ring

Claddagh ring

The Claddagh ring is a well-known Celtic symbol of loyalty and everlasting love. Whether you’re proposing to your girlfriend or buying a new gift for your wife, a Claddagh ring is a romantic gesture that will surely give the impression that will last a lifetime.

If you’re in Galway, you can find some of the best Claddagh rings in Claddagh Jewelries.

Famous wearers of the Claddagh ring include Queen Victoria and Princess Grace of Monaco.

5. Watch the sunset in Cliffs of Moher


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Cliffs of Moher is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland but it’s best to experience during sunset when the explosion of colors bathes these amazing cliffs.

Located in the Southwest of Ireland, these 700-ft cliffs are overlooking the Atlantic ocean. These majestic cliffs are one of the most romantic spots in Ireland to enjoy an amazing view.

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6. Visit the Love Lane in Dublin


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Do you want to write a message to your loved one for the whole world to see? Check out the Love Lane. This narrow street is a way for the local council to revive the streets of Temple District where the famous pubs in Dublin are located.

Painted in beautiful stripes, hearts, tiles, and murals, lovers can write a message to each other for visitors from all over the world to read. Afterward, you and your partner can enjoy a pint or two in one of the famous bars in the area.

7. Have a romantic picnic at St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green
St. Stephen’s Green

This idyllic park is located in the heart of Dublin and it’s located near every major attraction in the city. If you and your partner want to relax and have a quiet day for yourselves, head to the park and enjoy a leisurely stroll or a romantic picnic.

8. Watch bioluminescent planktons for a romantic evening on the beach

This romantic activity will require perfect timing but if you’re in Cork, check out the local beaches for possible bioluminescent planktons sightings.

These marine organisms can cause the seawater to sparkle at night which creates an amazing sight. Head out to Fountainstown Beach in the evening and enjoy this romantic experience with your partner.

9. Watch the Northern Lights in Ireland


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Ireland is another country that is good for the Northern Lights experience. Northern Light or the Aurora Borealis is a natural display of lights in the sky and it can only be seen from the high altitude regions in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Ireland has several spots for Northern Lights and if you visit the country during winter, there’s nothing more romantic than watching this natural phenomenon with your partner while drinking hot chocolate at night.

Donegal is among the best spots in Ireland to watch the Northern Lights.

10. Have a romantic stay in Adare Manor

Adare Manor
Adare Manor

Adare Manor is a luxurious estate in Limerick, Ireland built in 1832. It exudes old-world extravagance and comfort.

If you and your partner want to splurge for a romantic stay, Adare Manor is surely one of the best romantic places in Ireland.

It’s both secluded and comfortable so everything you need is already there. From a nice restaurant to enjoy romantic evenings to an expansive estate grounds to enjoy a walk, or even play golf together.

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